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My 15 personal favorite photos from 2015

My 15 personal favorite photos from 2015

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Aloha!  I moved to Kauai in 2010 with the intention to experience the wild and adventurous side of Kauai.  I was not very happy with my various jobs' stronghold and vied for more independence (I began this path in late 2013).  Well, 2015 evolved into a breakout year for me.  I began the year joining Fisheye Kauai in Princeville with Scuba Tom and a host of other local artists he selected.  Before half way through the year I was working a couple days in the gallery and only doing occasional freelance work that isn't art related.  By mid-year, photography and my local wood photo transfers became a full time endeavor for me.  This website www.abeskauaiphoto.com is brand new!  Check out my other site, www.kauaiwoodphotography.com :)

My first photo has a delicate simplicity to it and was taken in May.  This is a wave that was created from the backwash from the angular sand at Lumahai Beach.  I shot this with my kit telephoto lens and no filter.  Only raw processing was done to this photo.  

In the middle of summer I felt drawn to the Waimea Canyon during the Pisces super moon for some night photography.  Shot with my new favorite lens, the Canon 10-22mm, this is a 30 second exposure shot from the roadside at about 1am.  The waterfall you see here is Waipo'o Falls.

This shot has to be one of my new personal favorites.  I just managed to capture a dragon fly passing by!  This is the Hanalei Taro fields on the north shore of Kauai.  One night in early December just as closing time at Fisheye Kauai was upon me I noticed the clouds from a rainy day breaking up and quickly locked up and hurried to the closest spot I could think of where I'd be able to get a good view.  Well, this sunset was so special, you'll see another one on my 2015 favorites list from this night!

This November fan wave is from the beginning of the Na Pali Coast, out on the rocks at Ke'e Beach.  I have Matt Feeser to thank for my appreciation for these awesome formations, particularly from this location.  I've sold several different fan wave shots within the past two years.  As I get better and better at maximizing the potential of my camera, tricky shots like this get better and better.  This particular kind of shot gave me the realization that outdoor photography is a lot like fishing.  I also compare photographing these fan waves to a first person shooter video game.  Anyway, as far as the fishing analogy goes, its something enjoyable to do while you're enjoying the outdoors.  If you don't wind up with any keepers, at least it was a nice day outside!

This photograph is from my first day using my Singh Ray Mor-Slo 10-stop neutral density filter.  I'd like to thank my mom for this Hanukah gift!  Its a lot of fun slowing down my shutter in broad daylight.  This photo was taken at 3.5f, 5 second shutter, and iso 500.  This duo of little waterfalls is near Queen's Bath in Princeville.

Also near Queen's Bath, this shot was taken in early July.  There was a rare north swell for this time of year, giving a little more movement to the ocean than normal for the sun setting in such a location.  I managed to get a half second shutter just 10 minutes before the sun dips below the horizon (and no filter).  This shot was also taken with my favorite lens, the Canon 10-22mm.

Here's a picture from my first trip into the Waimea Canyon.  For three days I went camping with friends Bonnie and Cherisse on a full moon back in July.  The very last thing we expected to happen, happened.  It rained, a lot.  When the clouds broke and the river still raging, I ventured out looking for photography opportunities like this one.

A very recent photo, this is the moon setting about a half hour before sunrise on Christmas Eve in Hanalei Bay.  I love how the bay is super calm (especially for this time of year), the sky has several stars, and the moon adds a little color to the sky and the sea reflecting it. This shot is a 20 second exposure at 500 iso and 3.5f with only raw processing.

Its hard to pick a favorite photo, just like its hard to pick a favorite child (right?  idk, I don't have any).  Well, this panoramic here has it all, nene geese, epic mountain ridges, taro, an epic sky, an epic sky reflection and a heart shaped tree!  I can print this photo really big and it deserves it don't you think?

Taken at sunset on the same night as the Pisces super moon, this shot was taken on the Pihea Trail above Kalalau Valley.  This is a bracketed image, where I merged two different exposures to produce this shot in Photoshop, taking the best of both photos.

Here's a not too often perspective of Kauai.  This shot is a panoramic stitch of several photos taken near Kealia Farms at sunset on a full moon in August.  I've creatively edited this photo my liking, increasing contrast and washing out the color a little.  I really like this shot because it shows so many geographic features of Kauai.  From left to right we have Sleeping Giant, Waialeale, Makaleha, Namolokama, and Kalalea mountains.

After noticing the sky's potential for a beautiful sunset up at the Wailua Reservoir, on the way home I see the moon coming up and these beautiful peach colored clouds forming.  I found an empty field to get a couple of shots of the sihlouette of Sleeping Giant as the moon rises above.

This spot is often called Tourist Lumahai, however its name is Kahalahala.  Taken in July, this is a stitch of multiple photos.  There's nothing over the top about this photo, just a composition I'm really fond of and a magnificent sky and reflection.

After Hanapepe Art Night (every Friday on the west side of Kauai), on a full moon in Septmeber I noticed the sky opening up after a lot of rainfall.  Really tired, and not in any shape for an adventure, I decide to take a drive up to Wailua Falls and hope to capture a rainbow in the mist of this raging waterall.  This shot was a 5 second exposure at 3.5f and 500 iso.

Here's my favorite spot on Kauai, the Weeping Wall.  Taken in March, this is a stitch of several photos from an angle most wouldn't consider creating a panoramic.  I wanted to capture the sense of enormity of the crater walls.  I'm really looking forward to creating a large print of this, and I'll probably create it in an oval shape.  I've tried to flatten this, or crop it into a square, but it works as an oval.  I've put it here not cropped so you can see it all.

check out my other photos here on www.abeskauaiphoto.com