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Rainy day excursions

Rainy day excursions


Yes, it was rainy over the weekend.  Did you get out and play anyway?  I did.  It was my first bumble date (like Tinder, but girls message first).  We went into the caves in Haena, stood in the rain on the beach in Kee, checked out the raging waterfalls at Hoopii, and hung out at the Hanalei Pier.

On the way back to Hanalei from Kee, we had a little crack in the clouds and this nice rainbow reward at Waicocos.  I noticed it just as we were getting close to Hanalei Bay.  For some reason, I was much more excited to see the rainbow than she was, so I dropped her off at the next bus stop.  Just kidding.  We actually enjoyed pizza and beer under the structure at the end of the Hanalei Pier then went to the Salsa night at Trees Lounge then onto a little rave in Lihue.  :)  Aloha!