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Hanalei Moonbow!

Hanalei Moonbow!


So, it was a long and tiring day today where everything seemed to take three times as long as it should. Obstacle over obstacle, but all that doesn't matter because as soon as I got to Moloaa, driving back north from Poipu, I see a fat white band over the road. A moonbow! I've seen them with the naked eye a handful of times. It really takes a trained eye and a keen understanding of the weather to know where to look for them. A long exposure allows for more light than what the naked eye sees. I caught a couple pictures of a moonbow in Kilauea and headed home. I then see a couple of flashes of lightning, and I couldn't let my night be over just yet because a lightning bolt in a rainbow is just too amazing to pass up on the opportunity. I head to the lookout just past Princeville in hopes the angles are right. Well, it certainly was! I caught a double night rainbow (or moonbow) but it was out of focus and saw flashes of lightning, but no bolts. Still an epic way to end the day! Aloha!